Duck Life 5

This sequel is similar to Duck Life 4. However, it is more advanced and harder than Duck Life 4. As a player, you need to train your duck in order to compete in all the six categories of the game.


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The obstacles in Duck Life 5 racing are many and trickier to pass than in the previous versions. This sequel presents itself with the modern features of the duck life game that are a bit complicated. The start accessories of this sequel are different from the previous one. Your duck has known how to race. However, what you need to do is to train it for the skills required to win the race of six categories in this sequel.

Training: before you can start the game, you need to train your duck to prepare it for the race. You need to win all of the six categories of the game. This implies that the training is a bit complex. To begin with, you have to train your duck on how to dodge the obstacles on the road. This is the most challenging part of the game. It requires many of the skills in this game in order to win.

Remember that if your duck passes through the obstacle it will fail to win the race. Other competitors will pass you and complete before your duck can reach the terminal point. Therefore, in order to achieve both accuracy and speed, training starts at a low speed and increases in speed as you proceed. Do it several times until your duck is capable of dodging the many obstacles on the road with ease and at a high speed.



The next tricky part of the training is sharp bends and turns in the road. Most competitors loose the game when they encounter the first bend. Sharp bends are very tricky and they need both accuracy and speed. It is at the sharp bends where your duck can overtake all the competitors who were ahead and win.

Competition: remember that the race is long; it has six categories. It needs accuracy, dedication and speed for your duck to win the race. Remember that as you start the game, the first category is a bit easy. However, as your duck goes to the next category, the game becomes more complex with many obstacles and bends.

Let your duck use the skills to navigate through the obstacles and use the opportunity at the bends to overtake the fellow competitors. Ultimately, your duck will win all of the six categories and get an award. Play the game and enjoy your self to the fullest as you proceed to Duck Life 6 .

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