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Your home, your farm, has been through and utterly devastating tornado that has destroyed everything in its path! Now you must come up with a plan to earn some money to rebuild your farm and live peacefully once again. Race your prize winning duck in world competitions and races to earn the money you need to rebuild your homeland in Duck Life!


You are the owner of a very large farm. One day, a tornado completely destroys all you have worked so hard for, your beautiful farm and all of the buildings on it.

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Now you need to figure out how to earn the money you need to rebuild your farm back to its previous glory. The only thing left in the rubble after the tornado has past is a single little duck egg. Raise this duckling into an award winning racing machine to earn the money you need to rebuild your farm! Compete in small town races as well as worldwide competitions!

Training Your Duck

There are three key attributes that your duckling will need to continually practice and strengthen – running, flying, and swimming. To level up each of these attributes, you will need to put your duckling through a series of training sessions. Also keep an eye on his energy level. If his energy falls too low, he won’t be able to perform! To keep his energy up, make sure you feed your duckling frequently.

Training Days

It is important to continually train your duck. Training your duck will level up that particular attribute, allowing you to perform better in various races on Race Day. To train your duck to run well, click the Train Running button at the top of the screen. Using your up arrow button on your keyboard, jump over the rolling obstacles heading your ducks way while he runs down the path.

In order to train your duck to fly, click the Train Flying button at the top of the screen. Flying is easy, simply press the left and right arrow buttons on your keyboard to make your duck fly left or right.

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Duck Life

You can also train your duck in swimming by clicking the Train Swimming button at the top of your screen. To jump over obstacles, press the up arrow button and to dive under them, press the down arrow button. Sometimes you will also need to use the left and right arrow keys to avoid other objects.

Throughout each training session, be sure to collect as many coins as possible. These beginner coins will help you feed your little duckling to keep his energy levels high while training! Also be sure not to swim, run, or fly off the screen.

Race Day

Racing is the best way to earn coins! However, each race type has minimum requirements that your duckling must meet in order to compete. Additionally, races are broken down into difficulty levels – Beginner, Amateur, Expert, and World Championship – as well as various maps. Each map tests a certain skill that you have been training your duckling in.

The Beginner Races are recommended for ducklings between levels 10 and 40. Your objective is to train your duckling well in order to come in first place in these races to receive the cash prize – 50 coins and a secret mystery prize!

Duck Life game

The Amateur Races are designated for ducklings between the levels of 40 and 100. Similar to the Beginner Races, your objective is to come in first place in these races in order to receive the cash prize. This time the stakes are higher! The first place winners receive a cash prize of 100 coins, as well as a mystery prize!

Finally, the Expert Races are for the most experienced, highly qualified ducklings above level 100. Win the races on these maps and come in first place to receive a 200 coin cash prize as well as an amazing mystery prize!

The Duck Shop

Don’t know what to do with all the coins you are winning? No problem! Head over to the Duck Shop, where you can purchase food for your duckling, as well as adorable hats and other items to customize his appearance..


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