Duck Life 4 Cheats

Every kid would want to win, get a prize such as money, and purchase what she or he likes as one celebrates. This is the part 4 of the duck life sequel. The function of the player is to train your duckling in simulation how to race. The first part of the game is to train your dog how to race using a bike. The training involves speed and accuracy.

After training, your duckling will compete with other ducklings in a race. The race involves a long distance riding. Therefore, your duckling should train and have enough energy apart from speed in order to cope up with competitors. There are several challenges on the road where the competition takes place. There are hills, slopes, hole, and some parts of the road have bend apart from being narrow.

Therefore, during training, you have to teach your duck the necessary skills of going through these challenges at a very high speed. Does the training successfully as you eagerly await the competition. Good luck in your training session!

Training: training your duck simulates the actual event. Therefore, everything you do while training should symbolize what your duckling will face in the racing competition. Remember that your duck got basic training in racing, swimming, and flying in the duck life 2.  Your duty is to make the skills perfect. When racing using a bike, several things are vital: the aspect of speed, the energy to climb a hilly part of the road, and the skills of dodging potholes.

Another important thing that challenges most of the players in racing is the ability to go through sharp bends. At this point, you need to train your duck to lower speed as he approaches the bend. You can use the backward key to reduce the spindle, and then make a bend. Let your duck race up the hill several times to increase stamina and power to race in competition. Your duck is now ready for the competition.

Competition: competition is just about to start. The winner gets an award of money. Every player has an aim of winning the race. You have to control and guide your duck to win the race. The race has just started. Other competitors are just as strong and skillful as your duck. When in the hill, let your duck ride steadily at a considerable high speed. However, your duck has to maintain the speed because most competitors will get tired on the hill. On the slope part of the road, the ride is free and every one moves at high speed.

The only challenge that can make your duck fall and get out of the race is the potholes. Move your duckling at a high speed but carefully to avoid hitting the potholes. When you reach a sharp bend, you can more at a considerably high speed and accurately make a bend. You can pass almost all the competitors at these sharp bends. Just use the navigating keys to; keenly control your duck’s movement throughout the race. You will definitely win, take the award, and buy hats, eggs together with funny haircuts as you move to the next duck life sequel.


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