Duck Life Evolution

Duck Life Evolution is a game that builds off the legacy of its predecessors in a big way.  At its base, Duck Life 3 is a racing game with RPG elements thrown in.  While this may at first sound like an odd combination (especially when you consider that the racers are genetically modified ducks), but it is in actuality a very fun and exciting game.  The game revolves around entering your duck into swimming, flying or running competitions, and training her to perform better in all of them.  This model of playing and the choice it affords players is what makes the game very fun and enjoyable.

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Duck Life 3 is centeredon racing.  Your duck can enter into a variety of competition types, emphasizing either swimming, running, or flying.  All three race types are fun and enjoyable (though they may take some getting used to).  When you first start the game, you have the option between a Strength (balanced) duck, Swimming duck, Flying Duck, or a Running Duck.  This initial decision determines the specialization of your duck starting out.  Differences between the starting ducks are diminished significantly through training, however.  To explain, the game offers training activities that emphasize one of the main skills, and depending on how well the duck performs, you earn points towards leveling up your skills.  This is where the choice and RPG elements come into play because it is ultimately up to you how you want your duck to perform.


(Running) Up: Jump

(Swimming) Up: Jump

(Swimming) Down: Dive

(Swimming) Left/Right: Move Around

(Flying) Left/Right: Navigate in Air

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Duck Life Evolution

Tips and Tricks:

While playing Duck Life 3, I picked up on a number of strategies that were useful to playing and learning the game.  I will take a moment to share some of them with you.  First, always remember to feed your duck seed in between races and training.  Why?  Simply put, seed is what gives your duck energy and energy is critical if you want to be able to race more effectively and more often.   By keeping seed constantly available to your duck, you can be available to race anytime.  In addition, it is important to stay patient with your duck in early races.  In early contests, your duck may seem a little outmanned.  In these situations it is important to stay calm and assess the situation.  If your duck stands no chance or gets annihilated, it may be a good idea to invest in additional training.

Age Rating:

Duck Life 3 contains no profanity, nudity, or anything of the kind.  As such, I would consider it a safe game for children to play.  For concerned parents, I would recommend either learning and playing the game before exposing your children to it.  That way, parents not only have a grip on the game itself, but can also help their children learn to play.   In this way, parents and children can bond playing Duck Life 3.


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