Duck Life games

The duck life games involve a series of ducklife games from duck life to the duck life 6. The duck life games start from the first duck life sequel. In duck life 2, the aim of the player is to train a young duckling to do things that the big ducks do in order to become a world champion. These training activities include swimming, racing and flying. Since swimming makes the fundamental element of your duck life, therefore, the first training is on swimming.

Duck Life 1

Your duckling has webbed feet, which help them paddle, and walk across the mud and swim on the water surface. The first thing you need to do is train your duckling how to swim.  The next step is to teach the duckling how to race using a bicycle. In racing using bicycle, your aim is to teach your duckling how to ride faster and steadily. In the third round of duck life 2, the duckling is trained how to fly and perch on top of trees. However, care should be taken because the duckling undergoes training on how to climb trees and chasing.

The duck life-3 sequel is almost the same as the duck life 2 of the duck life series. However, there are fundamental differences. The first difference is that the number of obstacles that the duckling face while training increase. The second difference is that your duck now has some feature of the human being. The third difference is that the game use different starting accessories from the previous sequel of the duck life.


Duck Life 3

It is a half human being and half duck. This implies that your duckling is growing from the previous young duckling. This time you train your duckling how to swim, race and fly. However, you majorly train your duck on how to race. The racing training is done using a bike. However, this time, more skills are required. One, is because the number of obstacles in the road increases. Second, you want the duck to achieve the necessary skills that it requires in the racing competition in the next sequel of duck life.

In duck life 4 cheats, the function of the player is to train your duckling in simulation how to race. The first part of the game is to train your duck how to race using a bike. The training involves speed and accuracy. After training, your duckling will compete with other ducklings in a race.

Duck Life 5

The race involves a long distance riding. This sequel is the same as the Duck life 4 cheats. The only difference is that in this sequel, the player set all the racing skills of the duckling to 50. After that, you start training your duck afresh in order to compete and win. The competition in this sequel involves six categories. The game becomes more complicated as you move to the next category of the game.

This sequel is a repetition in the duck life 4. However, it is more advanced and harder than the duck life 4. As a player, you need to train your duck in order to compete in all the six categories of the game. You need to reset the skills acquired in the previous sequel in 50. After this, you can start training in a different way all together. This is because the obstacles in the duck life 5 racing are many and trickier to pass than tin the case of the duck life.

This sequel presents itself with the modern features of the duck life game that are a bit complicated. The start accessories of this sequel are different from that of ducklife 4. The end of this game brings us to the final part of the duck life series, the duck life 6. It is similar to the duck life 5, only that it is a bit complicated. Enjoy the game the game to the fullest!


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