Duck Life Unblocked

Duck Life is a cute, yet challenging flash game that has quickly gained popularity by children and adults of all ages. In the beginning, you play as a farm owner, whose farm was recently destroyed by a powerful tornado. You must now make a plan to rebuild the farm and improve the life of your family and community. To do this, you have devised a magnificent plan to win the world renowned duck race competitions. Can you train prize winning ducks and come out with the first place ribbon?

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How to Play

You have carefully bred several ducks to achieve the high marks you seek in hopes to win the competition. Now, you must raise and train your little duck egg once it has hatched. There are three primary attributes that you know are put to the test during these high-stakes competitions: swimming, running, and flying. As soon as the little duckling has hatched, feed it so that it can gain the strength it will need in order to perform well throughout each training phase. Monitor the duckling’s energy levels closely; if his energy gets too low, it will refuse to perform!

Training Your Duckling

Training is the single most important thing you can do to help boost your duckling’s confidence, and ensure he takes home the first place prize during every race event. Train your duckling often, and make sure to help him keep his energy level and strength up by providing frequent feeding opportunities.

Your first goal is to train your duckling to run fast and avoid obstacles that he may encounter on the race track. To do this, click the Train Running option located at the top of your screen. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to tell your duckling what to do during the training period; the up key will tell your duckling to jump over obstacles.

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During the flying lessons, use the left and right keys on your keyboard to tell your duckling which direction to fly in order to avoid the many airborne obstacles he may encounter.

Finally, training your duckling to swim, and swim fast, may prove to be a bit of a challenge. Begin training in this attribute by selecting the Train Swimming icon, then use the up and down keys on your keyboard to guide your little duckling to the finish line while avoiding obstacles thrown his way.

Throughout the various training sessions, you will notice many areas where your duckling can collect coins. Try to collect as many as you can, as these coins will help you purchase duck feed along your training journey. Sometimes you may find yourself with a little extra coins and not know what to do with them. This is when you should check out he Duck Shop to purchase better feed for your duckling and customizable outfits to help your duckling stand out among his competitors on race day.

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Racing Your Duckling

You’ve trained your duckling hard, and you now feel he is ready to participate in his first race day event. Upon entering the line-up for the race, you realize that there are four types of races that your duckling can perform in: Beginner, Amateur, Expert, and World Championship. Each of these races requires a certain level of skills in order for your duck to qualify to race. The required qualifications vary from one level to the next, primarily depending upon your ducklings character level.

Beginner races are designed for ducklings between the levels of 10 and 40. Winning first place in this level can be significantly difficult for ducklings at lower levels, but the rewards are amazing – 50 coins and a secret prize.

The Amateur races are for levels 40 to 100 with a similar, but higher, cash bonus for first place winners – 100 coins and a secret prize.

The Expert races are for expert level ducklings and players. Ducklings above level 100 can participate in this race for a chance to win the first place trophy, 200 coins, and an impressive prize.

All races are done on completed on different maps. Want to know what mystery prize each race will give you? Well, you’ll just have to try it and find out!

Duck Life is now available in an unblocked version to allow players all over the world to enjoy the game from any computer. Whether you enjoy playing with your friends at home, at school, or at your office desk, rest assured that you can now access it from any device anywhere in the world! Try it today and impress your friends with your high scores.


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