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Duck life 3: Wining and losing

This duck life sequel is almost the same as Duck Life 2. However, there are fundamental differences. The first difference is that the number of obstacles that the duckling face while training increase. The second difference is that your duck now have some feature of a human being. The third difference is that the game use different starting accessories from the previous sequel of the duck life.


It is half human being and half duck. This implies that your duckling is evolving from the previous young duckling. This time you train your duckling how to swim, race and fly. However, you majorly train your duck on how to race. However, this time, more skills are requires. One, is because the number of obstacles in the road increases. Second, you want the duck to achieve the necessary skills that it requires in the racing competition in the next sequel of Duck Life.

Duck Life 3

Remember that training requires skills, dedication, accuracy, and speed.There is a long distance to cover. Moreover, there are many obstacles on the road, including potholes. To train your duckling, you need to navigate keys to control the speed and movement.

You may move faster while racing, but you cannot go far if you are not able to dodge the obstacles. In order to succeed in training, start training at a low speed and increase the speed as the time goes until you complete training your duck. Your duck is now to compete.


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